Monday, June 1, 2009

Sunday: From Utah to Calfornia in one day

When we left Utah Sunday morning, we knew we had a long drive to get to California on Monday to visit our friends the Sornbergers. We intended to camp on the west side of Nevada, but did not find a campground until we crossed into California. We crossed Nevada in one day and the best part was Reno...beautiful town! The long drive (13 hrs) tired us all, but the drive was worth it when we saw how lovely Lake Tahoe is. We had a nice place to camp, but no hookups, so we used the generator again. Neither was I able to get internet, so I am behind in putting pics on the blog.

The picture of Suzanne on the horse was taken at a rest stop when we met this drifter. He said he was walking from California to Arizona with his horse, pack horse and two dogs. We enjoyed talking to him.....quite a colorful character! Suzanne loved riding the horse and we gave his dogs a little something to eat. He said he had been there three days and so far the "law" had not run him off. He appears to be older than he is, but I guess he has had a hard life. He said he is 59.

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