Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wednesday in The Dalles

Yesterday we did not do much sightseeing, but used the day to visit with Barbara and Allen and just hung out at the farm. I did a big wash on Monday so that was a blessing. Last night and tonight we have played cards late. This morning we rode over toward Cascade Lock and Bonneville Dam. It was very exciting to see how the locks worked for the boats going up and down the river. We saw two lovely waterfalls, and also visited with Barbara's two daughters and their children who live in Hood River.

I have put several pictures on the blog to show you what we saw today. The deer was seen on the road near the farm. They live 20 miles out of town and it is very peaceful and quiet. The kids had a fun day with us sightseeing and picnicing, then they went fishing again tonight with Brian, Barb's son. They didn't get to keep all their fish because some were too small. Brian loves to fish (as does Mitch) and has several area ponds he uses, and the Columbia River on occasion. Last night the kids used the pool here at the farm even though it was rather cool. Tonight it was too cold for swiming.

While at the Wal-mart in Hood River today, we ran across a camper in the parking lot which had on the side the CMA logo. We waited to meet the owner and found out she was on her way to the Washington State Rally over in Eastern Oregon this weekend. She was going over early with her grandson and her husband was to join her later in the week. It was nice to meet another CMA er. We exchanged cards and went on our way.

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