Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June 24th in Alaska

We are in Fairbanks today, waiting for RV window to be repaired. It is rainy and 38 degrees today, but does not feel very cold to us. We needed to find ways to entertain ourselves while we wait for the RV, so we went to a movie theater for the matinee shows. As it turned out, it was free this morning and we all watched Everyone's Hero which is a very good movie! We asked what the price would have been had it not been free. It is $7.50 per person for matinee; then $10 per person at night! Wow, what a blessing we received. Then we went to the PO to get our mail Ed sent for our vehicle tags which expire next week...another blessing. Thanks Ed! We found the public library so the kids could go on internet or read to entertain themselves. I had my laptop with me so it was nice to have free fast internet to update my blog and check email. We sometimes don't get it at the campsites, even with my ATT card. Well, I will close now and get you more updates when I can. Hope the pictures are not boring you.

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