Monday, June 8, 2009

The Dalles, Oregon

What a beautiful drive we had after we turned East toward Hood River and The Dalles! I have never seen anything more beautiful than this area except Switzerland and Austria...only because the mountains are a little higher there. The Columbia Gorge is fasinating. We got into The Dalles in time to stop in the K-Mart parking lot to fix supper before Barbara picked us up for church. We enjoyed the service and the singing was especially lovely. It was nice to meet the folks at her church and worship with them.

The drive out to her house was very interesting. Once we turned out into the countryside and began to climb, the wheat fields spread before us like quiltsquares on a home-made quilt. I had seen fields similar in Kansas but never on hillsides like this. It was about 20 miles to Barb's house and it took about 45 min. for our RV to pull the hills. We are at 2200 feet here at their farmhouse. They do not farm, but work in town. The farmhouse was in a state of disrepair until they moved in and began to fix it up and paint it and now it is a very nice house in which to live.
Enjoy the pictures on the blog to the right and there will be more each day. We will be here until Sat. morning before we head into Washington.

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