Saturday, June 13, 2009

Toledo, Washington

Yesterday afternoon it did not take us long to get to our destination in Washington where we are visitng friends, Joyce and Gary Hudson. I knew Joyce in Germany when our children were very small. She lost her husband, Dick, a number of years ago to cancer and she remarried. Gary has built a lovely house on the banks of the Cowlitz River. They will take us to see Mt. St. Helens today which is only a short drive from here. Watch for pictures tomorrow.

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abriley said...

What a wonderful time we had! I don't know when I have enjoyed company any more than I did the last 4 days. I would have to say your visit was only topped by that of Mother's when she was here for 3weeks. We look forward to seeing you in Arkansas in the near future. We'll let you get home and settled in first, but Allen says he really wants to see Arkansas. We'll bring the cards this time!