Friday, June 5, 2009

Goodbye Redding, CA

We ended up staying in Redding one day longer than planned to get an electrical problem fixed on the RV (yes, Randy, it blew a fuse). We left the RV at the repair shop and went sightseeing with cousin Jacque. Her three grandchildren are delightful and we had a great morning. We saw the Sundial Bridge over the Sacramento River as well as the Shasta Dam north of Redding. The lunch at Hometown Buffet was too good, thanks Jacque! We spent the afternoon waiting on the RV and then finally drove out of town about 5:30. We have found a lovely campground near a lake at Lakehead, CA. It is still raining but we are tired and will be getting to bed soon. We are going to play a game or two with the kids. We will not be far from the Oregon line in the morning and hope to see better gas prices there. We paid $3 per gallon today for some in the car, but it was premium. We use unleaded in the RV and it was $2.79 in Redding. Catch you tomorrow night if we have internet. This ATT connect card is the best thing since sliced bread!

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