Sunday, June 14, 2009

Visit with Hudson family in Toledo, Washington

When we left Oregon on Friday it was only about 2 1/2 hours to get to Toledo, WA where we are now visiting my dear friend Joyce Hudson and her husband Gary. They have a lovely home near the Cowlitz River not far into Washnington and near Mt. St. Helens. They took us up to see the mountain on Saturday but the fog and mist prevented us from seeing the famous mountain that blew it's top in May 1980. We were able to go into the visitor's center and see photos and videos of the volcano's eruption and the damage and devastation it caused. Now the mountain is very green and has recovered from that fateful day.

On Saturday afternoon Joyce's daughter Sheri and four of her children and Greg and his wife and son came over for a cook-out. It was so much fun to see them grown because the last time I saw them when I left Germany Greg was about 3 years old and Sheri was 10 mo. old. Joyce came back to the states the next year and had another son Eric who was unable to come to the cookout. We had a wonderful time talking about those long-ago days and telling stories about our life then and the children when they were small. Ed was only 2 when we came stateside.

Joyce and Gary have been the perfect hostess and host but we must move on today and drive north to the Fam Camp at McCord AFB near Seattle. We will go into Canada tomorrow as soon as possible and will not be able to use our cell phones and ATT internet connection until we get into Alaska. Those calls or internet use would be overseas calls and be very expensive. You will hear from us again once we get to Alaska. So be patinet, and watch for more on this blog as soon as possible.

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