Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day trip south to town of Seward on the coast

It was a lovely day for a drive and a picnic. We chose to drive south from Anchorage down the Seward Highway to the coastal town of Seward. We took the car, leaving the RV at camp. This saved on gas. It was about a three-hour drive but was worth the effort and time. The breathtaking views around each curve kept us intrigued! We saw seven glaciers at one point, but it seemed they were everywhere. The town of Seward was covered up with tourists, most of whom seemed to be in RVs. There were dozens of RV parks on every street and especially on the coastal road. There were places to buy tickets for boat and plane tours, and shops of every kind in which to spend money.

We chose to have our picnic lunch at a spot on the seacoast where we could see boats go by. The temperature was very cool, possibly high 50s at noon, warming up to low 60s in the afternoon. The tourists from ships and from RVs and even locals were out walking, jogging or taking a stroll along the seacoast. We saw many bicycles, and even one man peddling a buggy type taxi with a couple in the buggy seat. Gil said he saw these in Thailand.

After lunch we drove around just a bit more in the town, then headed back north to Anchorage. The views were somewhat different from this angle, but just as breath-taking, if not more so. We got back to base about 4 pm and Gil and the kids took the car for a wash. Now it is time for me to start supper. Tomorrow we head out toward Valdez. I will have more pictures then.

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