Saturday, June 20, 2009

Visiting Skagway, Alaska, on Saturday

Today we drove about 100 miles southwest of our campsite to visit Skagway, Alaska. This is the only way to get to that town except by ship from the sea. We had no problem getting through customs once we showed them our passport cards and the paperwork we had from the gr. children's parents to prove we had the kids with their permission. The drive there was lovely and the town is quaint. We drove around a while, then took pictures of the cruise ships at the dock. We also watched a very interesting movie at the Visitor's Center about the gold rush through this area in the late 1800s. Over 30,000 people made it up to the gold fields either through Skagway, a neighboring town which is no longer there, or through the river route up north of here. Many lost their lives and the winters were terrible for them. Some got rich, but most did not. Skagway is very small but has many stores and restaurants in which tourists can spend their money. We did eat lunch at a pizza place and enjoyed it even thought it was "pricy". Then we headed back and took the wrong turn so ended up taking the long, scenic route back to camp. The man at the gas station at Jake's Corner said we "went around the block" as they say here.

When we returned to camp, it was sprinkling and the kids had some supper and headed back outside to find the fox den. They did not get close, but saw the male at a distance and are enjoying exploring the area. Most of our neighbors from last night are gone, and we are getting new ones as I write this as it is after 7 pm now. Gil is taking a nap, as he is exhausted from the drive. I did drive some, but we were both tired because we got up so early. Our little four legged alarm clock (Sylvia, the cat) always wakes us up about 5:45 or 6:00 and demands her breakfast.

Tomorrow will be a long drive but we will not make it to Fairbanks until Monday, I am sure. The roads are curvy, and up and down mountains so some hours we average only 35-40 mph; but the road is much better now that we are on the Alcan Hwy #1. I will check in again on the blog on Monday night. It was great talking to you Mama today from Skagway. Since we were in the US, the phone could be used with no long-distance, only weekend minutes. Nice talking to you too, Deb. Take care.

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