Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Middle British Columbia

June 17, 2009, Wed. - Gil's birthday

We started out on the road this morning early and drove through more rolling green hills, farms and small towns. There were lots of trees, and lovely purple montains in the distance. We took some pictures at Frazier Lake which was very beautiful, and which was very cool - air conditioned! After a while a very lean, quick, brown fox crossed the road in front of us but I was not quick enough to get the picture of the fox (he was quicker!) We saw several lovely lakes, one of which was over 2756 feet above sea level. When we reached the town of Houston, we began to see snow topped mountains, and then the rain started. It was hard rain only for a short time, but rained sporadically most of the afternoon. We stopped for lunch in Smithers (one of the larger towns) and began to see ski slopes on the mountain sides. There were more cattle ranches, more snow capped mountains and then at New Hazelton we stopped for a while to stretch our legs. At the nearby picnic table we met four tourists from Germany. I was able to speak to them in their native tongue and take a picture before we bid farewell. They were going a different way than us and taking the inner passage to Alaska. We finally found this lovely campground at Lake Meziaden, and were fortunate enough to have wi-fi so I could catch up on the blog and email relatives and friends. We will continue north to the BC border tomorrow and hope to get into the Yukon, possibly in late afternoon.

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