Sunday, June 28, 2009

Saturday night near Denali Park; Sunday in Anchorage

Saturday night Gil took a picture outside the camper at 10:30 at night to show how dark it is NOT...then again at 1 am on Sunday morning to show the twilight hour. We left our campsite Sunday morning a little late because we knew we didn't have far to drive today to get to Elmendorf AFB near Anchorage. It was nice to sleep late - about 7:00. When we finally got on the road we really enjoyed the drive. We could see mountains on both sides of the highway and at one point we realized we could see Mt. McKinley in the distance and it was so tall and majestic it took our breath away. What a wonderful birthday present I had! It was shortly after that, Aunt Margie, that I lost signal on my phone. Sorry. I will call again soon.

We continued down the highway toward Anchorage and just enjoyed the beauty of God's handmaking. About 135 miles out of Anchorage we came upon a rest area and a wonderful view of the Denali Park from the south. We enjoyed this rest stop for our lunch break then continued on to Wasilla where we got a little sprinkling of rain. We got gas there ($2.93) and got back on the road. We got to the AFB just on the outskirts of Anchorage about 4 pm. It really is nice. Each campsite has shade because the camp is in a wooded area. It was in the low 60s by that time so setting up camp was so pleasant. I intended to do a big wash, but the laundry was very busy so I decided to put that off until in the morning while Gil takes the RV into town for its oil change (2nd one on the trip). We will plan some fun activity then for the afternoon. The host here at the camp lives here all summer, then flies back to Arkansas for the winter months. He owns property in Bismarck near DeGray Lake. We meet nice people everywhere we go.

I fixed supper for the passengers of the Niemeir-Express so they cleaned up the kitchen for me so I could check email. They did a great job. Gil and Suzanne have gone for a walk around the camp. We warned the kids they can't go off the road or ramble in the woods because the signs posted say there are bears in this area. I would love to see one from a distance again (saw two in Canada) but not up close and personal!

Will close for now and catch you up another night. God Bless you all.

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