Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday in Sacramento

We got up this morning early as usual because our kitty never lets us sleep must past 6:00 in the morning. After breakfast we took a drive along the shore of Lake Tahoe and took some pictures (see right), then headed back to the interstate and toward Sacramento. The drive was really pretty, with ups and downs and more ups and downs through those lovely mountains. We got to Rancho Cordova (a suburb of Sacramento) and ate our usual picnic lunch in the camper then found a camp site at the local fair grounds in Roseville nearby. By the way, gas here was the most expensive we have had to buy at $2.79 per gallon. It may get higher, especially in Canada.

Tonight we will visit our friends who have planned a cookout for us. Kathy is taking off work tomorrow so we will stick around to visit more on Tuesday, then leave here on Wed. morning headed toward Redding, CA, north of here. I need to catch up on some wash

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