Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday night back at camp

We stopped at the North Pole (small town between Fairbanks and the airbase) to visit Santa. The Santa Claus House caters to tourists and locals alike and many people drop lots of money there. The decorated trees were lovely and the gifts are endless. Post cards can be mailed there and postmarked "North Pole" so that is a fun thing to do. We sent several and bought very small souveniers. Once we got back to camp, we ate supper and then played dominoes until after 8 pm. I have been unable to attach pics to email or the blog tonight...not sure why. The internet is very slow here tonight. We are very glad to see that the sun has come out and the rain has stopped. We hope to see Mt. McKinley before the week is out, and tour Danali Park. The glass in our window will keep out the cold, or rain so we are happy it was fixed today. Catch you again soon when I can.

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