Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Headed North through British Columbia

Tuesday; June 16, 2009

Before we left our camping spot last night in Kamloops, we bought a map of British Columbia so we could make sure of our route today. We decided to take the western loop of the highways in BC to get to the Yukon and into Alaska. We may take a different route out of Alaska and into Alberta Province and down to Montana but we are not sure at this point. The drive through BC and the Yukon is a very long one and the gas prices are very high compared to US prices right now. We have paid 102.5 and 106.9 for gas and that is Canadian dollars for a liter NOT a gallon. So that means the gas we use in Canada is about $3.80 per gallon or more. (our best in conversion not knowing the bank rates) We have been told the US dollar is $1.05 to the Canadian dollar. When we were in Canada 27 years ago we got a much better rate. I thought it was better than that because I noted not long ago on the internet that my book sells for $26 Canadian, but $13 in the US. Go figure that.

Our drive this morning took us into the high dessert, much like Oregon near Barbara’s house with rounded mountains with very few trees and just scrubby brush most of the time. The trees we did see were dried and many had died. By lunch time near Williams Lake (a large town) we began to see more green, and rolling hills with cattle ranches, log homes and lakes. Then by late afternoon as we began to look for a campsite, we noticed more mountains (some steep grades up and down) and small towns.

We are camped at Brookside RV park north of Prince George (town of our destination for today) which turned out to be not as pretty as the name indicated. The kids have spent some time outside walking around the campground and down near the brook. They report many mosquitoes (spray helped some) and as they come in and out we find mosquitoes in theRV which we intend to kill before bedtime.

We have full hookups tonight which means electricity so we can plug in the computer for me to write my daily blog (just can’t email and get on line to send it or update the blog). Gil has a cd player plugged in so we can listen to music and we plan to listen to some of my audio book tonight. Gil has never heard the book, nor had time to read it. He just retired two weeks before we left for our trip. It is only 6:45 so we have plenty of time to do that, listen to some music and maybe play a game before bedtime. The kids are enjoying Upwords. We can bathe with the water hookup and dump sewer in the morning. We needed that since we dry camped last night in a parking lot. Catch you tomorrow evening.

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