Friday, June 19, 2009

Camping Friday, June 19th at Johnson's Crossing

We left Dease River Crossing RV Camp with reluctance this morning because of the scenery from every window of our RV. It did not get dark that we know of.....but we slept very well and headed out for the Yukon about 8:30. We had more gravel road and many pot holes for a short distance. The cold weather makes the roads freeze, then thaws, then freezes again, expanding and contracts, making the pavement buckle. The views of the glassy smoothe lakes, waterfalls and mountains make the journey worth every pothole we hit! Then we entered the Yukon and ate lunch at Junction 37 where the hwy we had been on met the Alcan Hwy which goes to Alaska. This highway proved much better, and Gil was even able to use the cruise control most of the afternoon which made his driving chore less stressful. The antique cars on their way to a rally in Vancouver made the afternoon pass quickly for us. We learned at our campground tonight they had all left Anchorage.

Our campground tonight is lovely, among the trees, but very close with our neighbors...about six feet apart. We did 3 loads of laundry (very expensive, about $10 to wash) and Gil washed the RV, the car and the dolly. We were fortunate to have free wi-fi tonight so I could send email and catch up on the blog. The kids are anxious to get online for a while before bedtime. They were very helpful with the wash. I met a very nice Canadian man in the washroom and we had a nice chat about his travels and ours. The foxes in the nearby woods were so hungry they came up to our camper, within 3-4 feet to eat the bread and catfood we gave them. All in all, it has been another amazing day. In the morning we will drive down to Skagway to sightsee (Alaska) then come back to the camp and head west toward Whitehorse, then on to Fairbanks. Skagway has no road into other towns of Alaska, so we have to backtrack. They say it will be worth the drive.

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