Saturday, May 30, 2009

If this is Saturday, we must be in Utah

Well, after 8 days on the road, we are camping about 60 miles west of Salt Lake City. We had a long and tiring day, over many more mountains today. The scenery was lovely and the weather was great except for a very small shower on us just before we stopped for the night. We are in a parking lot not far from Salt Lake because there are no campgrounds in this area. We found one on the internet that was supposed to be near here, but the man at the gas station said that town is now a ghost town.

The traffic in Provo and Salt Lake was five to six lanes and moving very fast most of the time. One time we came to a crawl and assumed there had been an accident but never saw one. We had just been on the move again a short time when all traffic came to a hault but we could not see why until we got closer and then three tiny baby ducks crossed the interstate, across five lanes. I am glad they made it across, but also very glad no one was hurt because of the traffic coming to a stop on the freeway.

We do not have electricity tonight except with the generator which Gil is using to charge up the battery on the RV (not sure why it was so low). We don't need the A/C because there is a nice wind blowing and the temperature is not very bad. The sun is going down now as the kids play with their frisby outside. I am enjoying listening to some Elvis tapes inside as I talk to you, my sweet friends and relatives. I am tired and will close for the day. Tomorrow we have about 75 miles left before getting into Nevada, but will not make it across the state in one day. We will get into Reno on Monday morning...then into California.

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