Sunday, May 10, 2009

Successful Book Event, Monroe 05-09-09

What a wonderful time we had in Monroe at the Main Ouachita Parish Library. This was our second visit there and our most successful book event to date. The group consisted mostly of senior citizens, some of whom had lived through part of the hard times described in our book. Aunt Sue joined us here again and helped answer questions from the group. I began selling books before the review ended because some people needed to leave early. They began to line up and we had such a good time meeting each person and visiting with them. We sold 43 books that morning, met many new friends and had a wonderful time. I also met the wife of a distant relative of my son's (on his father's side of the family) which was a surprise to both of us. Fay, thanks for coming. Velda, it was so nice seeing you there as it had been a long time since we had seen each other. And to a couple of my cyberspace friends, Lorene and Emilia, it was especialy nice to meet you both and your sister that day. Thanks so much for the invitation to your family reunion next week. Aunt Sue, a special thanks to you because you are so helpful at the events and we love your participation as the youngest "sharecropper's daughter."

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