Friday, May 29, 2009

Goodbye to Colorado; Hello Utah

May 29 (Friday) and our 8th day on the road. We had a very different night camping last electricty, no cable, no water, no internet...but the views from our camper at the lake near Frisco, Co, were the best and we woke up to ice on the picnic table this morning. We found out we were at over 11,000 feet, so no wonder it was cold! Had a warm breakfast and went back into town to get a new tire for the dolly that carries the car. While Gil got the new tire mounted, the kids and I did some shopping at Wal-mart. I had forgotten my sweat suits and that cold morning was a warning to me. I had a good time shopping. After we got on the road, we had some more breath-taking views of the mountains and then we began our descent to lower levels. About mid-day we crossed the Colorado River and followed it for at least 200 miles or more. Some times it was on the right, sometimes on the left. I will add some pictures to show you. Then when we got into some lower elevations and began going through some canyons, the kids really enjoyed the ride. The terrain changed again as we went out through west Colorado and I would not have recognized it as such....more like Arizona. There were mesas and rolling mountains with no trees or brush; some appearing to be high sand or gravel piles. Then as we got closer to Utah it became a real desert and very different than we had seen before. We are now camping in an oasis type town, Green River, at a nice RV park with trees, cable, WiFi, full hookups, laundry and pool...all for $20. We had to have electricty tonight because all our "toys" needed charging up (laptop, cell phones, I-pods, camera batteries,and more). It must have been over 90 degrees this aftrnoon, what a change for freezing this morning.

As we drove through that desert, I could not help but think of the 2 million (or more) Israelites who wondered in the desert for 40 years...I sure thought that the terrain I saw today might have been similar to that desert Moses led those folks into and out of.

Supper is over; Gil did the dishes, and the kids are settled in with TV. We were all very tired, driving/riding over 300 miles (in and out of mountains) and the best part was our RV got over 7 miles to the gallon. I know, that sounds bad to you car travellers, but we feel blessed to get that much with all we are pulling (our own bedrooms, bath, kitchen and car)...gas has ranged from $2.15 in Carthage, MO., to $2.38 today. Some stations wanted $2.66 - $2.86 but we did not want their gas. Okay, tomorrow we head out for Salt Lake City, but don't think we can get there until Sunday noon. Stay tuned... forgive me for any typing errors tonight.

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