Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We are still in Kansas

Well, we tried to get out of Kansas today, but had a late start and had to stop in Goodland, KS, not too far from the Colorado line. We are now in mountain time. The campground is very nice (over 100 spots, but only a few here tonight). We have shade trees, a breeze, nice temps (60s), and are just a short distance from the interstate (I-70). There is cable, WiFi, laundry, full hook ups and a very nice lady in the office....all for $29 per night. We paid only $10 each for the nights we stayed in Ft. Scott at the fair grounds but did not have these amenities. The Fam Camp at McConnel AFB was $14 per night....but no amenities except water and electricity.

We had lovely weather once we left Wichita and turned west at Salina. The most interesting part of the trip today was a large field of wind generators...I mean about 10 miles of them along the interstate on the north side. We had never seen wind generators before and were amazed to see so many, possibly 300. The wind certainly was there to turn them because Gil had a hard time keeping the RV on the road. I will pick several pictures now for the blog and email the others to relatives and friends. Stay tuned...we will go into Colorado in the morning, probably getting to Denver about noon depending on the time we leave camp. Oh, we needed milk tonight, but the convenience store next door to the campground wanted over $4 for 1/2 gallon so we decided we did not need it very badly and will wait to find a grocery store tomorrow. Glad our RV does not run on milk!

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