Thursday, May 28, 2009

We are in Colorado

We left Kansas this morning passing many wheat fields and cattle farms. As we got into the eastern side of Colorado we began to notice a change in the terrain and saw antelope and hills. It was a while before we saw mountains in the distance, and then closer and closer to Denver they rose out of the horizon. We at a picnic lunch just east of Denver and then drove through the city and the mountains began to surround us. The valleys were so lovely, and the snow topped mountains were so pretty I almost cried. When we got to a point of over 11,000 feet it began to snow tiny flakes of white. Then we went into a long tunnel and as we came out on the other side the snow was gone. We drove until we got to Silverthorn but could not find a campground except for tenters. A little ways west on I-70 we found the most beautiful campground in
the White River National Forest on a lake near Frsico, Co. We could not believe the surround of mountains and the lovely view! We have no hookups and the wind is blowing cold. We ate supper and are almost ready for bed. It will be very cold tonight but we have plenty of cover for us all. I will pick out some pretty pictures to put on the right of the blog, then email a few more pictures to relatives and friends.


Loretta said...

It sounds like you are having a real adventure. And snow, what a change from weather here. I love the blog and a chance to keep updated while you travel.

We just got back from Pennsylvania and I am getting back to reality, i.e. laundry, etc. Miss both of you.

Loretta said...

Hey, I forgot to tell you that I lost my best friend--my bengal cat. I had to put my cat down on the 22nd. When we got home on Tuesday it seemed okay but by Wed. it was throwing up and running a fever. The kidney function was out of sight and after 3 days of Dr. Rigby fighting for some stability, we had to give up. Creatine and Bun levels continued to rise and the humane thing was to put him to sleep.

Enjoy Sylvia while you can. She's lucky to have a family like you & Gil, or should I say Gil.