Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday in British Columbia headed for Alberta

We were on the road early this morning and began to see wildlife right away. We lost count of the bears, buffalos, sheep and elk. It really was exciting to see them because we did not see much wildlife in Alaska. Even when we did not see wildlife today, we had a lot of pretty rivers to cross and lakes and mountains to see. We were on the road for almost 12 hours today because we had a hard time finding a campsite with hookups and we needed electricity tonight since we dry-camped last night. We are camped in a nice park just outside Ft. St. John which is a very large city. We hope to find an RV dealer who services campers to see if they can find out why our refrigerator is not working as we go down the road. We are also having some minor problems with the jacks that level the RV at night. Gil and Mitch thought it might be a fuse, and they worked before supper to find out if it was. They did not find a problem there. We have had a lot of wind this afternoon and a light rain about the time we ate supper. The rain is gone now, but the wind has continued and it is very cool. We are happy to be on electricity tonight because if it gets really cold we can hook up the electric heater. We used the gas heat some early this morning before we got on the road. The generator is a life saver when you are dry camping (that is with no water and electricity) but we can't run the microwave on the generator. We can use the toaster and coffee pot so that is the most important appliances in the morning. I am going to close now and hope to find free WiFi again in Canada to update the blog. We will be crossing into Alberta soon and going into the icefields to see more glaciers. The kids are looking forward to that for sure.

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