Friday, July 10, 2009

Thursday, July 9th - last day in BC

Thursday was our last day in British Columbia. We stopped in at Dawson Creek where the Alcan Hwy begins at Mile Zero. The visitor's center had some interesting displays of stuffed animals. We had found an RV dealer that morning who fixed our refrigerator, but the camera and levelors were still not working. We went to another RV dealer to see if he could fix our electrical problem, but he was too busy and told us to try the dealers in Grande Prairie, so we headed on down the road. The fields of yellow reminded us so much of the area in England where we lived. We knew the fields were probably mustard, but one lady told us they are sometimes canola. Either one sure makes the fields pretty!

In Grande Prairie, the dealer there sent out two technicians who worked on our motorhome for about 2 hours. They tried every thing they knew to locate our problem, but were unsuccessful. We were prepared to pay a bill for 2 hours labor, but they said "no charge" and sent us on our way. That truly was a blessing to us. We thanked them and drove away after 6:00. We had entered another time zone when we got into Alberta and realized it was very late. We camped at the Wal-Mart shopping center, ate supper and then headed out to do errands. Gil dropped Suzanne and me at the coin laundry only a few blocks away and he and Mitch went back to Wal-mart to grocery shop. It took $9.00 to wash two loads! I had purchased a roll of Canadian quarters at the nearby Mr. Sub shop so it was almost gone. After the men finished the shopping, they picked us up. We went back to the RV, put away the clothes and sat there and watched 13 more campers come in to stay there for the night. It is a popular campsite in the larger towns. Folks are looking to save money any way they can; as are we. Camping every other night that way along the road or in a parking lot saves us from $25-$35 each time. That helps buy this gas at almost $4 per gallon.

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