Saturday, July 18, 2009

North Dakota, July 18th

We reached the N. Dakota line pretty quickly this morning and because the highway (I-94) is very straight and has few hills, we made very good time. We almost crossed the entire state today, but camped just about 30 or so miles short of the Minnesota line. For one thing we lost an hour when we crossed into N. Dakota so when it got to be 6:00 Gil was ready to stop for the night. It was not as hot today as it was yesterday, but was about 83 degrees at lunch, and about 73 when we stopped for camping...which is much nicer! We found a lovely spot under a shade tree in a very small town near the interstate to break for lunch. Most of the day found us looking at miles and miles of wheat fields and hay fields. The hay that was baled was in those large round bales, and we found that some of the wheat had been harvested but much of it has not. I know Americans eat a lot of bread and buns, and now I know where a lot of that comes from. One exception to the flat fields was a park, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, and the canyon was spectacular! I can only imagine what the folks on the wagon trains must have thought when they saw that canyon! We have a campsite tonight that is part of an Inn - fast WiFi, full hookups, indoor waterslide and cable TV which is not working right now. We have eaten so Gil and the kids are going into the indoor waterslide. It is the first time they have had a chance to go swimming so I know they are looking forward to that. Catch you in Minnesota next.

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