Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Our first day to see lots of wildlife

The day we went through Watkins Lake, YU, was a fun day. We went through the sign post forest and then when we left, we saw lots of wildlife. The bears were young ones as best we could tell and we think they were black bears from what we could see. They were eating green grass and wild strawberries along the roadside. As we travelled farther we began to see buffalo along the road as well and we counted a total of 13 before the day was over. It was amazing to see them on the roads and see vehicles have to go around them. That night we stayed along the road at a rest area and met a young couple who were on a mission. They were going into parks, meeting tourists and giving out Bibles and ministering to them when the Lord opened a door. Eric is in Bible school at this time and they plan to become missionaries when he is finished with school. Andrea, his wife, was excited to see our CMA emplems on the car when they drove into the rest area. They were stopping only for a while to make an evening meal for their three children, ages 3, 2, and 10 mo. We invited them into the camper to eat because the mosquitoes were out in force. We visited while they ate (we had already eaten) and then they went on their way. They had very little money and were on their way to Alaska. There was a buffalo in the ditch across the road from where we stopped for the night, and later we saw a mountain lion in the edge of the woods on the same side of the road. The lion never approached the buffalo, but watched him for a long time. The buffalo was not disturbed in the least at the lion's presence.
It was quite warm at bedtime, but we turned on the generator and a/c for a while that night. By early morning it was very cool. We continued on our way before 7 am.

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