Sunday, July 19, 2009

It is Sunday, so we must be in Minnesota, July 19

We found out today that Minnesota, at least the SW corner is not much different from N. Dakota, except a few more hills. I did not take many pictures because there was not really any good subject. I did capture a field, a log house (model), a windmill, a lake and the city of Minneapolis.

It took us 35 minutes to get through Minneapolis but we knew we wanted to camp on the south side so we would not have to get into the city on Monday morning when everyone was going to work. Well, almost everyone must have been coming into town with us this afternoon from someplace because the traffic was thick as fleas on a dog's back. Guess they had all been to the lake or someplace nice. It was not so hot today, so stops were not so bad. I fed the passengers of the Niemeir MN, only about 75 miles or less from the Iowa border. There is a pool, so the kids will probably take another swim after supper. They are eating now, but I needed to get out of the kitchen because three burners had warmed it up a lot. I will eat as soon as I get the pictures on the blog. Catch this same spot tomorrow night with pictures of Iowa.

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