Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday, July 6, more of the Yukon

As we drove back through this area, the same area we had seen two weeks ago, we decided to stop in Whitehorse again. We bought groceries there when we came through before, but this time we wanted to see some local sights. Whitehorse is the largest town in the Yukon, with about 25,000 residents who stay year-round. It is right on the Yukon River and has many interesting buildings, a museum, and a river boat. Today we parked the RV at the visitors' center and walked down several streets to find the "log skyscraper" which is a 4-story apartment building built from logs. We could tell people lived in the building and were told it is four seperate apartments, but each one is very small. We also went inside an old log church that has been in Whitehorse since 1900. It is a small building holding a museum of history of the church and the bishops who came to this area over a hundred years ago. It was very interesting.

Only a couple of hours down the road we found ourselves at Johnson's Crossing RV Park just as it was time to stop for the night. This is where we stayed before and the kids found the foxes. They have not seen them yet today. Gil and Mitch have washed the car and RV this afternoon. It was much needed because the last time the RV was washed was here over two weeks ago. The car did get a washing in Alaska at one of the air bases. The dust from the Kluane Wilderness early this morning really took a tole on both vehicles. I fixed supper and then downloaded the pictures from yesterday, editing some of them, and now finished the blog. Goodnight to all...and if we have free WiFi again while in Canada, I will email. Otherwise, I will call once we get into Montana.

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