Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday, our trip from the parks to Montana

Well, the weatherman hit it on the nail today! We awoke to rain on the RV roof but it did subside enough by 7:00 for Gil and Mitch to break camp and load the car for our drive out of the park. We were on the road to Calgary by 8:00 but the rain continued for a while this morning. We were getting closer and closer to the US border when about 1:30 this afternoon we ran into a rain and wind storm and the wind picked up the RV awning and it became unfurled and began to beat across the top of the RV. We were able to stop and ascertain what had happened and then slowly pull off into a side road. When the wind and rain slowed down a bit, Gil and Mitch were able to roll up the awning again even though it is damaged. We crossed the US border about 4 pm and found a nice camp site for the night in Shelby, Montana. The wind continues to blow and there are now more dark clouds to the west. We will be going into Great Falls tomorrow to see about getting the awning replaced and see if there is a good RV mechanic there who can ascertain our problem with the levelers. We also hope to contact another cousin of Gil's in this area for a visit while in Montana.

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