Friday, July 24, 2009

Visit with Bro. Stew and Norma Wine

Our visit today with Bro. Stew and Norma Wine was another highlight of our trip. We have seen them a couple of times in the past 22 years after we left Friendship Baptist, but it has been a number of years now. Bro. Stew and Norma have a church in Independence, MO, where they have lived now for a number of years since leaving Europe. We had lunch with them and a lovely visit into the afternoon, then we went to their church tonight for a gosepl concert which was wonderful. The first guest was a couple named Amassadors of Grace, a husband and wife who really have a wonderful ministry. The next guest singer was a young medical student, Cameron Smith, who comes from Baxter Springs, KS, but who is doing his internship here in the Kansas City area. What a great voice he has, due to training in the opera style. I'd like to have a singing doctor! We will see the Wines again tomorrow and Sunday. Gil and Suzanne will go to a Royal's ballgame with Bro. Stew so they are excited about that. Mitch will be picked up tomorrow morning by his mother because they have plans for something special here in KC. Oh, and Gil's brother will drive up from Ft. Scott to join them for the ballgame. Suzanne has promised to get some pictures at the ballpark.

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