Thursday, July 16, 2009

Heading across southern Montana

We said our goodbyes to Don and Phyliss, then headed south toward I-90, then east toward Butte, Bozeman and Billings. We stopped this morning in Deerlodge so Gil and the kids could tour an antique car museum. Gil and Ed had toured this same museum when we came this way 27 years ago, but Gil said the museum had many new cars on display. They also toured an old prison from the 1930s. The museum was attached to the old prison buildings.

I stayed in the RV trying to get on the internet to update the blog and do some banking and check email, but was unable to get on line with my ATT connect card. When they completed their tour of the 120 antique cars, we headed down the road to Bozeman for lunch (in the RV). We also went to Walmart for supplies (that never-ending list of supplies!) This afternoon we did not stop to camp until 6:00 but the wait was worth it. The campground is near Big Timber, down on a beautiful creek where many people come to fish for trout. We have a beautiful shady spot (IT WAS HOT TODAY) which we appreciated very much, especially since the awning can not be used since the damage. We ate a very easy supper and then sat out near the creek and just listened to the peace! It is now dark so I must stop and get before-bedtime chores done.

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