Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday, July 20, in Iowa

We enjoyed driving from Minneapolis to Iowa today and saw more wheat fields, more windmill farms, some cattle farms and a lot of small towns along the interstate. We stopped in Cedar Rapids to do some grocery shopping at the Walmart Supercenter, then washed clothes, ate supper out and headed south out of town. We drove just a little ways and reached the area of the Amana Colonies. Gil and I had been here in 1992 and remembered how lovely the area was. We found a campground just a mile north of the first colony. It has about 200 campsites and is booked solid next weekend for some type of rally. The streets are laid out in rectangles with nice grassy areas for each RV and gravel roads and little trees that are only about 6 ft. tall. It is probably a new campground, but will be very nice some day when the trees mature. We will drive on to Muscatine tomorrow which is not far and visit with Dan, Amanda, Kaitlynn and Jacob Niemeir, Gil's son and family.

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Lucy said...


Thanks for sharing your wonderful journey!!!! As I experience the outside only going to and from work, this is a blessing to reflect upon your travels.

Lucy Hickman