Monday, June 25, 2012

Friendship Baptist Church Reunion

Gil and I had a wonderful trip to Memphis, TN, this past weekend to reunite with many of our dear friends from Friendship Baptist Church where we worshipped while stationed at RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge, Suffolk, England, from 1984-1987. Bro. Stew Wine, our former pastor from FBC, now lives in Memphis with his daugher Patra Sue and her husband Chuck Mason.

We gathered with 45 of our dear friends from eight different states from Florida to Texas, including Arkansas, Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina and Ohio. It was wonderful to see our friends from the past, some of their children and grand children and to meet some of those church members whom we did not know until this reunion who were members (some founding members) before we got there, or after we left. The sermon by Bro. Stew was as inspiring as ever and the song service was great. I look forward to another time of fellowship with these dear friends and hope to see some next time who were not able to attend this year's gathering.

While in Memphis, I also had the opportunity to visit a couple of hours with one of my BHS classmates whom I had not seen since we graduated high school in 1965. Pam David Harris has been a resident of Memphis for many years and she was kind enough to drop by the hotel to visit with me and catch up on those many years we have not seen each other. Pam is a dear sweet Christian lady and I am so glad we were able to reconnect at this time.   

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