Monday, June 11, 2012

On June 9th I was privileged to be a part of the Author Faire at Shreve Memorial Library with eight other authors. This was in celebration of and in conjunction with their One-Book, One-Parish  program push to interest the area residents in reading. The author whose book was selected to be in the bag for readers this year was Shreveport native Marc Pittman. His book Raising Cole is his story of how he coped after losing his son in an automobile accident a number of years ago.  It was an honor to be a part of this program and to meet the other authors there whom I did not know. Mr. Pittman is a very devout Christian man and a very devoted father and husband.

Joining me at the library that morning were Texas residents and authors Patty Wiseman, Tammy Thompson, and Eddie Hancock as well as Louisiana native Sheila Jackson, Kim Thompson and Lynn Cawthorne. Each of us presented our books to the guests and had a time of questions and answers as well as time to sign and sell the books.  Our host, Debora Kavanaugh, was so gracious and well prepared for the program and did an excellent job as facilitator for the event. Thank you Shreve Memorial Library staff.

The afternoon found me at the Randle T. Moore Center on Fairfield Avenue speaking to the local Ark-La-Tex Genealogical Association. Jim Johnson, program director, allowed me to present Sharecropping in North Louisiana to the membership with a time of questions and answers from the audience as well as time to meet them one on one and sign and sell books. It was a great time had by all and everyone seemed to appreciate the stories told in the book about my mother's years growing up during the 20s, 30s and 40s.  I met one lady whose mother is from Caldwell Parish, and another lady who had attended a book event with me and Mama in March 2009 there in Shreveport at a Christian book store.

After the afternoon book event, Gil and I drove by the house where we had lived 38 years ago when we first married. The neighborhood had changed a lot since then, but the old house still looks very nice. We also drove by the State Bldg where I worked when we married. It was an absolutely lovely sunny day and a beautiful drive. We enjoyed seeing St. Mark's Catholic Church across the street for the Randle T. Moore Center. It reminds me of cathedrals we had seen in Europe.   

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