Friday, July 27, 2012

July trip to Bastrop, Louisiana

In mid-July Gil and I took the motorhome to Chemin-A-Haut State park for a few days camping. This lovely park is only 12 miles north of Bastrop where my mother and sister live so it gave us a chance to visit them and also see my nieces Mary and Katherine.

The first afternoon in town I had a lovely visit also with my dear friend of many years and fellow highschool classmate Diane Smith Hawkins. Diane was about to embark on a mission trip to Brazil with some church friends where she attended church for many years in Tulsa, OK. It was so nice to have some time with her before she left the country. That evening I also had a chance to spend some one-on-one time with Mama and catch up with her. She showed me her garden and we spent some time just visiting and catching up on things.

The next day was a special day to spend lunch with a group of the Girls of 65, classmates from Bastrop High. We have so much fun every time we are able to get together. This is such a loving group of friends and sometimes a classmate gets to come whom we have not seen in a while (since we finished school together in 1965). Yes, you thought we named our group that because we all happen to go on medicare this year....LOL  Not so, it was just a coincidence! Really.

Anyway, we met at one of the ladies' homes in Bastrop and enjoyed the afternoon catching up on each other and our families. Gail's home is beautiful and she was the perfect hostess. We each took a salad for the luncheon along with a recipe card so that we can put the recipes in a cookbook which one of our ladies has so graciously offered to put together for us. We will all add other recipes to make this a great book. Maybe we can sell the cook books and then use the money for a special trip or get-to-gether for us Girls of 65.

Our last day in town was fun because Gil cooked out at the campground and my sister, her daughters and Mama came out to join us there. We had a mixed grill of beef, chicken and pork along with a lovely green salad, and fresh fruit for dessert. Everyone had a good time, along with Lucky and Sweetiepie. Our kitties really enjoy camping.

It was great to have this time with family and  friends. This is likely to be the last post prior to our trip to Beijing to visit our grandchildren and their parents. We leave Aug. 28th and will return Oct. lst. So looking forward to this time with my son and his family!  Watch for posts and pictures here.

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