Friday, September 16, 2011

September 2011, Camping

After a long, very hot summer, some cooler weather has finally come to Arkansas. Gil and I took the RV out to White Oak Lake for a couple of days. We were not prepared for the low water level at the lake. This was not due just to the very dry conditions and no rain to speak of recently, but also to the fact that there has been a leak in the gate at the dam at the lake. It was sad to see no water around the boat dock near the camp sites at the park.

On the other hand, it was a surprise to see how many campers were at the state park. There was a group Good Sam's campers there as well as some local people and a few folks just passing through. One motorhome parked near us one night housed a very young couple with a small child. I walked over to meet them and speak to the child who was a 9 mo. old little girl with beautiful blue eyes and a lovely smile and laugh. It turns out the couple is from Switzerland and had borrowed the RV to travel from Florida and up into the Smokey Mountains before they returned home. This was not their first trip to the USA as they told me they have already seen the Rocky Mountains. It seemed odd to me that they would leave such a beautiful country as Switzerland to see our country but they stated they wanted to see something different and they enjoy America and the sights here.

It was not long before Gil and I returned to our normal routine at home and Gil prepared for one of his prison ministry trips with the CMA group. I have busied myself with reading, posting reviews of the latest good book authored by another "Tater" (fellow authors of Tate Publishing, & Ent.) and catching up on facebook friends. Friday night will bring another evening of dominoes and fellowship with friends, Loretta and Terry.

In just two weeks I will be co-hosting a book table at First Monday, Canton's Trade Days in Texas with fellow authors Grace Lundmark and Cara Coffey and her son Patrick. I will be staying in Fruitvale with Aunt Margie who will help me at my booth those 3-4 days. I look forward to meeting Grace and Cara and Patrick and pray God's blessings on our efforts at his book event. There are 100 acres of vendors at this flea market, the world's largest. I know we will have a wonderful time.

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