Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hot summer in south Arkansas!

Gil and I have not traveled much this summer because of the drought and heat in our state and across most of the southern USA. Texas especilly has suffered this year and still is in drought conditions. We had 10 min. of rain July 4th and then about an inch in early August but the ground is so dry that we need much more. The temperature has been in triple digits much of July and August. Lord knows we need the rain and He will send it in His timing.

I attended a funeral in July in Haynesville, La., for the father of a dear high school classmate. Debbie Swartz Burge' father passed away and several classmates attended his funeral. I had not seen Debbie since we finished school 46 years ago. It was a pleasure to see her and her sister and their children and grandchildren.

Gil went to the watermelon festival in Hope this month and had a good time. He road over with CMA friends. He also attended Teen Challenge in Hot Springs this month. Gil did have one prison ministry in July as well. Other than that he has only ridden his motorycle around town some this summer due to the heat. I attend water arobics most weekday mornings and Gil walks each day early before it gets hot. We have a nice church parking lot near our home that makes a good place to walk.

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