Sunday, March 22, 2009

Three More March Events

On Sunday morning, March 22nd, Linda and her mother attended Sunday School and church at Hillside Baptist in Camden, AR. This picture of Lillian and Terry at the piano may be the one used for the front cover of the upcoming CD of Lillian's songs. This afternoon Lillian and Linda were guest speakers at the Ouachita-Calhoun Counties Genealogical Society at the Camden Public Library.

On Saturday, the 21st, Linda and Lillian were joined by Sue Metcalf, Lillian's younger sister, at the Lincoln Parish Library in Ruston for another book review and signing. This was very successful and everyone had a great time. Several of Sue's friends from her church and community attended this event.

On Friday, March 20th, Lillian accompanied Terry Leonard into the sound studio near Pine Bluff, AR, to listen to the completion of him recording 20 of her songs for a CD that will be released shortly. Terry plays the music only on the CD, but when marketed it will be accompanied by a booklet of the sheet music for all the songs.

Linda and Lillian attended a book review/signing in Crossett, AR on March 19th. The crowd was rather small, but very special. Two of Linda's classmates from Bastrop High came to see her and her mother. Sharon and Mary were also in Linda's first grade class at Southside Elementary in 1953 (oops, our age is showing). It was wonderful to see them. The library personnel encouraged us to come back to Crossett in the fall for a local festival in October.

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