Sunday, March 8, 2009

Great Weekend of Book Events

The Camden Daffodil Festival had great weather and a super turnout on Friday while we were at the Book & Fame Shop to sign books. We sold lots of books and met some new friends. Thanks Lynn for inviting us and thanks to those who came by to see us.

Saturday morning early we headed out to Minden and Shreveport. Minden is a lovely town and the Webster Parish Library was a great place to have a book event. Unfortunately, there was no article in the local newspaper as requested so nobody really knew we were there. We did meet some nice people, workers at the library and a couple of ladies who came in to browse. We sold a book and made a new friend in a local lady who lives in Athens in a home built in 1820. We hope to go back soon and visit her and see her home. Thanks Aunt Sue for coming to join us and for the pictures of the town.

The book signing event in Shreveport was great! Glenda, owner/operator of the Christian Life Tapes and Books was a perfect hostess as were her store employees. They provided a very nice table for us and became friends of ours before the afternoon was over. We sold many books, made new friends and even met a lady from Bastrop who lived there in 1953 and attended the same church we went to, Cherry Ridge Baptist. As we talked more we found out the lady is the mother of one of my classmates at BHS. Her daughter Carol and I graduated in 1965 and have not seen each other since. Carol had been visiting her mother there in Shreveport until Sat. morning when she had returned to Garden Center, KS. I hope we can get in touch with each other soon.

I look forward to the book events next weekend in West Monroe and Lake Providence. See you there.

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