Monday, March 16, 2009

March 14th Events in Louisiana

It was damp and cool and we did not have a lot of people come out to our book signings, but we had a good time visiting with those who did.

The ladies at Blessings Book Store made us feel right at home with a cup of tea in the Appletree Restaurant. The people who came to meet us were so nice and we enjoyed talking with them. One man was 92 years old and said he knew all about sharecropping. A couple from Columbia came to buy books. It turns out the gentleman knew my father and his family many years ago and my Aunt Eva had babysat him as a child. They lived on the same street there. It was nice to meet them and talk about Columbia many years ago where his father was sheriff.

Then when we got to the Lousiana State Cotton Museum in Lake Providence, we met a gentleman who lives in the area who told us his father owned a plantation during the Great Depression. He stated there were about 25 sharecropping families on the plantation and that they had access to the church, school and store there. Mama said they never worked land that had those amenities so her family had to walk many miles to school, church and towns with a store. Young Adam came to meet us (see his picture) as he was very interesed in history and said he wanted to help farming families become self-sufficient so family farms could once again become a vital part of the community. Visitors from Texas also came by to meet us and buy a book. Thanks to all of you. It was nice meeting you all and talking to you.

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