Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Canton's First Monday Trade Days Book Event

Two other Tate Publishing authors joined me for a book event Sept. 29 and 30th at the world's largest flea market in Canton, Tx. Grace Lundmark from the Tyler, TX, area and Cara Coffey from the Austin, TX, area brought their books to the Trade Days and we set up book tables in the food court. What fun we had getting to know one another and talking about our books and the experiences we have had writing the books.

Grace's book, Chloe May Daughter of the Dust Bowl is based on her mother's family as they experienced the dust bowl of Oklahoma during the Great Depression. I really enjoyed reading her book prior to the book event and then getting to visit with her during those days in Canton.

Cara's book, Uncovered No More, tells her experiences of her childhood and early married life as she searched from one denomination to another finding God's will for her life. She was attacked by depression just about the time she began writing of her experiences and tells in the book how God saved her from that terrible illness. Cara's husband and eight of their ten children joined her in Canton that week. They camped at a nearby state park and made a vacation of the time there. What lovely children she and Curtis are rearing.

Aunt Margie also joined me at the book event two of the three days. She kept me company and releived me from the "sitting" chore. We both enjoyed roaming the Marketplace visiting other booths and meeting other vendors. It really was a lot of fun and I had such a good time staying with Aunt Margie in her home in Fruitvale. The weather was wonderful, rather cool in the morning and mostly sunny. As much as I enjoyed the time in Texas, it was good to get home.

Gil will be going later this week to Mena/Hatfield, AR, to camp on Iron Mountain to help clean up the CMA campground in preparation for the annual Colors Rally mid-Oct. and I will also be leaving town once again to join Mama and another Tate author in Columbia, La. for a book event at the Schepis Museum. Janie Wilkins, a sister to my Dad's best friend in school in the 40s will fly in from Florida to join us in Louisiana for that event on Oct. 8th. I look forward to seeing Janie and showing her around our hometown of Columbia this weekend.

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