Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Visit with Dan Niemeir and Family

After the Colors Rally, we headed to Muscatine, Iowa, to visit Dan Niemeir and his family. We had a lovely drive there, about 14 hours on the road over 2 days. The fall colors were pretty and the weather nice for the most part. We did have a scare one night in E. St. Louis as we were awaken at 4 am by the tornado warning siren but God spared the area where we camped.

Our visit with son Dan and his wife Mandy and their children was a very nice one indeed. Dan is progressing nicely as God heals his body after a motorcycle accident in July this year. He will be going into the hospital first part of November to be fitted with leg braces so he can continue physical therapy on his feet and begin walking again. We pray for and expect a full recovery for him in God's timing.

We enjoyed visiting with the grandchildren, Katelynn age 15 and Jacob age 8. Grandson Mitchel visited us there as well. He lives nearby with his father. We were truly blessed by this visit and wish Dan continued success with healing for his entire body, mind and spirit. Praise God!

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