Thursday, August 6, 2009

It is good to be home.

We have been home almost a week now. It took several days to unload the RV, wash the clothes and get settled in. Gil has cleaned the inside and outside of the motorhome along with the outside compartments that had dust and dirt from a few gravel roads on the trip. He has turned his attention now to getting his trike fixed (which happened today) and the bike is also being worked on. Now at least he has one set of wheels for the prison ministry next week.

I will be going to Bastrop soon to visit mama and my sister. It has been hot here this week, in the 90s all week, some days in the high 90s. The humidity has been very high so that makes the heat index higher. We have a new date for our granddaughter's entrance into this world - Sept. 2nd so that is not very far away. Deb and Ed have everything they need at this time, but we do need to find a babybed for her once she outgrows the bassinet. They have decided to home-school Suzanne this year so there will be lots of changes at their house.

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