Thursday, January 1, 2009


Our last book event for 2008 which took place in Ft. Scott, Kansas, was a success in spite of the very low temperatures. It was 28 degrees warm that morning; as we had had two mornings of close to zero with wind chills that were unbelievable. We made new friends and had much family support. It was a great day and a great visit with Niemeirs for the Christmas holidays.

With the coming of 2009, I have been requested to schedule a book event with the Union County Genealogical Society at the Barton Library in El Dorado, Arkansas. So, mother and I will be there at the January 11th meeting. I know these folks will be interested in hearing about the era in which my mother lived during the Great Depression and WWII. No doubt some of them will have lived through those hard times as well. She will be able to give them her perspective of rural life on the farm in North Louisina. We look forward to this book event and making new friends in that community.

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