Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Destiny turns five

DJ had been telling people for a long time that she was almost five and finally the day came on August 28th. Because her Daddy had to work that day, we celebrated the 27th and Aunt Linda came over to help. We let DJ open presents first - a set of Quiz It Pen and books for learning all kinds of things, some new dresses and jeans, a small aquarium, a bird house to hang outside her bedroom window with a glass window to see the nest and eggs, and a tablet with all kinds of fun and educational games and stories! Then we had cookie-birthday cake and punch.

A few days later a box came in the mail from a sweet friend of mine. It was more birthday games and clothes for DJ plus a magical tooth fairy pillow. DJ had already lost one tooth the previous week and had several more lose.She was very excited and then disappointed to learn she had to wait to lose another tooth before she could use the tooth fairy pillow. DJ wanted to thank Miss Prissy for the lovely gifts and after I posted pictures on Facebook, Miss Prissy called to talk ......what fun!

The, the very next day another box addressed to DJ came by FederL Express. It was from Aunt Sue in Louisiana. Inside were beautiful clothes - jeans, shirts, dresses and a skirt. DJ tried them all on and gave us a fashion parade. Then we called Aunt Sue to thank her for the gifts and visit on the phone.

The excitement for now is over but Sissy will have a birthday the 30th of September so we will have another celebration then.

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