Wednesday, January 1, 2014

July - December, 2013

The last six months of 2013 were very busy ones for Gil and me. We continue to help raise our two granddaughters Suzanne, 16, and Destiny, 4 yrs. old. Suzanne began school at Camden/Fairview High in August as a Sophomore. She loves school and makes good grades. Destiny began Head Start about the same time and enjoys going to school each day to learn and play with friends there. 

Gil attended the CMA Colors Rally in October, beginning the week prior to the rally with helping clean up Iron Mountain in preparation for the thousands of bikers who would be there camping on the grounds and attending the services, and seminars. I stayed home with the girls because their father had begun a new job as a Schwann's delivery man. He travels to several areas of the state and is on the road 3 nights a week in motels. Those days that he does make it home it is often 9 pm before he gets home. 

It has been wonderful having the girls here for the holidays and I will post pictures of the past few months. The sad part of this year was helping place my mother in a nursing home in December but it is only a couple miles from our house so I can go visit her almost every day. She came to our home for an early Christmas gathering of the family. My sister and her three daughters, as well as Aunt Sue, were able to be here for a luncheon the week prior to Christmas. It was a fun time for all.

Wishing all my relatives and friends a Happy New Year and God's blessings for 2014.

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