Saturday, April 7, 2012

Beautiful day at White Oak Lake State Park

My mother and sister came to visit us just prior to Easter this year and arrived on Good Friday about 10:00 a.m. I had planned a meal of baked chicken, roasted vegges, fruit salad and garlic bread with a summer berry pudding for dessert. We visited until lunchtime then each rested or took a nap while Gil rode out to White Oak Lake State Park to see what was going on there on Saturday. The schedule listed several re-enactments, candle making, weaving, tomahawk throwing, and an Easter egg hunt for the kids.

Friday afternoon we enjoyed the lovely weather, visited more and then had a light meal prior to our skype call to China to talk to Ed, Deb and the girls. We talked to them for over an hour, catching up on their recent move to Beijing and their new jobs and apartment there. Destiny showed us her new toy, a motorcycle which she loves pushing around their apartment. Suzanne spoke to us for a while after she cleaned up the kitchen from their breakfast meal. It was already Sat. morning there. Everyone had a good visit and Mama then went to bed early. Judy and I stayed up later talking and visiting. Gil watched a little TV then retired.

On Sat. morning we slept a little late then had breakfast before riding out to the state Park. It was such a lovely day we had a nice ride out there. Mama enjoyed seeing everything on the ride because she had not been out that way in a long time.
Even though the lake is drawn down and almost empty, there were many campers there enjoying this lovely spring weather.

We stopped by the pavilion where the re-enactors were camped and met them and enjoyed talking with them and hearing about their many camp sights around the country performing re-enactments from several periods of history. At this point they were dressed in pre-1840s costumes and were enjoying a breakfast that had been prepared over the campfire in castiron skillets and dutch ovens. Afterwards we then watched them during their tomahawk throwing contest. They invited the general audience to participate. Judy was first to step up and learn how to throw the tomahawk. She caught on very quickly and after a few practice throws with that left hand of hers landed the tomahawk on the target 3 out of five throws. Then Mama wanted to try her hand at it and after a couple of practice throws landed the tomahawk in the target on the 3rd attempt. To the dismay of several of the re-enactors, both ladies made better scores than they.

As it turned out, there were no candle makers or weavers at the park today but we had a great time meeting the re-enactors and visiting with them.

We came home for a nice lunch of ham, baked beans, broccoli casserole and upside-down cake. Mama and Judy left shortly after lunch so Gil and I took the trike back out to the lake to enjoy the beautiful spring weather. We had a great time today. It has been a lovely Holy Week and we look forward to Easter Sunday at which time we will celebrate our Lord's resurrection at Grace Baptist Church.


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