Thursday, March 15, 2012

19th Annual Daffodil Festival, Camden, AR

The Daffodil Festival this year turned out to be so nice because of the weather, but the daffodils were at the very end of their life because the very mild winter and warm temperatures in February this year made them bloom early. There were a few late bloomers in my yard this year and the daffodil committee did come to our yard and the little field Mama planted next door to cut flowers for the downtown stores and businesses.

I had a book signing at the Farmer's Bank on Friday during the morning hours of the festival. This was a lot of fun and I sold several books.

Gil helped CMA Charity Ridrs park bikes for the Bike Show on Saturday. The car show was also a big success. The town streets were blocked off as usual for the many craft and food vendors who set up for the enjoyment of all the people who attended the annual festival. The newspaper stated the next day that the steak cookoff was also a big success and tickets were sold out early in the day. The rain held off so the cemetery walks and historic home tours were held as planned. All and all, it was a very good daffodil festival for everyone.

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