Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Waskom, TX Book Event

Several authors from the East Texas area invited me to join them at the Waskom Library for a book signing on Feb. 13th 2012. I was delighted to do so and Gil and I drove over for the event which took place at 6-8 pm. We first checked into the B & B just outside of Jefferson owned by one of the authors, Lynn Hobbs. It was a lovely three-room cottage with a deck on the banks of the Big Cypress Creek next door to Lynn's home. Then we drove into Waskom to join the other authors, Patty Wiseman and Ann Everett at the library. The librarians there had a room set up for us with some lovely snacks and drinks.

We were joined by about a dozen of the towns people who listened to each of us tell about our books, something about ourselves and how we came to get a book published. The visiting was very interesting and the dicussions lively. We sold books for a while, then had a drawing to give away one each of our books. Gil won a book in the drawing - the very one he was most interested in reading, Laid Out and Candle Lit by Ann Everett, a murder mystery in a small Texas town.

With the book event over we drove back to the B & B where we made a cup of coffee and hot chocolate and settled into comfortable chairs to read before retiring for the night. I started reading a book written by our hostess, Lynn Hobbs, entitled 'Sins, Secrets and Salvation.' The rooms were very cozy and comfortable on a very cold winter's night. We could hear the distant train whistle just as we dozed off to sleep. The drive home was pleasant as we came home a different route than we had taken the day before and the rains were gone. It was a very nice get-away and a very successful book event. Thank you Lynn for your hospitality and thanks to the other authors who invited us to come. A big thank you also to Willa Bose and our hostesses at the Waskom library.

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Patty W said...

We all really enjoyed that booksigning. Such hospitality by the Library and people. We were a little worried about the weather, but had such a good turnout. So glad you and Gil got to come!