Sunday, May 29, 2011

May travels

Gil and I just spent five days on Iron Mountain, CMA campground, just south of Mena. We helped fold and pack hundreds of t-shirts in the workshop/warehouse of CMA. Workers there told us they had already printed over 22,000 shirts this year - half of which were for mailing out to Run for the Son participants this year in the annual fundraiser. The rest are for various rallies and to be sold in the Goodie Store. We had such a good time meeting some folks from Texas and other CMA chapters who were also doing volunteer work that week. It was also good to get back home.

On Sunday before Memorial day we rode our trike to Benton, AR, to attend the wedding of Sammie and John Cleveland. Gil has known them for years as they are part of teh CMA prison ministry. The ride there was great, the fellowship and food at the wedding was wonderful and the ride home was hot. All in all, it really was nice.

After we got home we made a skype call to our granddaughters in China and had a good visit with them. DJ is talking more and more, using her hands to emphasize what she is saying....problem is, we don't have a clue what she is trying to tell us. One of these days, it will all be clear to us.

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