Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Trip to Iowa in July 2010

Gil and I did not plan a trip to Iowa this summer, but when we got word that his son Dan had been in a motorcycle wreck and had broken his neck and back, we headed out to Davenport to be near him. He was with a group of other bikers, it seems, and came around a curve to find some of the other bikers in the road so he and the 3 bikers with him had to hit the ditch. Dan was hospitalized but could move his arms and legs when we got there. We stayed about a week then after we left he had back surgery and is now in physical therapy. He does not have movement in his legs at this time, but we pray he will soon. We took pictures of the grandkids while we spent time with them in our motel. We played dominoes and took them swimming in the pool. Katelynn is 15, and Jacob is 8. Their cousin, Jordan, who is 11 was with us.

Then after we got home, I spent the first week of August with my mama in Louisiana. We had two book events that week, one in Monroe and one in Mangham. We had a good visit and a lot of fun meeting new friends at the book events.

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