Sunday, May 9, 2010

Book authors interviews

I have recently connected with another Tate author, Elaine Littau, who has a blog and website where she features interviews of other Tate authors. This website highlights those authors and connects them with each other and information about our books. My interview (via email) with her will be highlighted there this summer.

Just today I also connected with Mike Huckabee's blog on line where a link to the blog to yours truly may be posted as well. I am trying to connect with as many possible resources as I can to promote the book Mama and I wrote several years ago. Unfortunately we have not had but one book event in the past 12 months. We found out by trial and error that the book does not sell well unless we have book events and meet people and talk about the book. Tate Publishing and Enterprises has done its job of getting the book on many websites such as Borders, Books A Million and but that alone does not sell books.

Sharecropping in North Louisiana is so interesting because it not only gives history from a real family's perspective, but because it tells the true story of a family's struggle through the Great Depression and World War II. So many people have told us how exciting it was to read about those hard times during the 20s, 30s and 40s and that they too lived through that era of history. They all stated how important it is that we keep history alive in the minds and hearts of Americans so those lessons taught by the people who lived during the era are not lost. If you are interested in learning more about the book, go to my website at or to the website of Tate Publishing and Enterprises (just google the name). Good reading until next time.

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